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Most Popular Bromances. Which drama from the above user's 'Last List Updates' would you pick? Preference game 42 seconds ago. A-Z K-pop!!! Main Role. Tankhun Main Role. Chatchavee [Nira's uncle-in-law] Main Role. Pat Main Role. Tee Main Role. Ton Main Role. Ton Support Role. DJ Putt Guest Role.

Duan Cheng Xuan Main Role. Duan Cheng Xuan. Gun Main Role. Sibtit Support Role. Tor Main Role. Sibtis Main Role. Chanon Thammapitak Main Role.Lakorn are a popular genre of fiction in Thai television. They are shown generally at prime-time on Thai television channels, starting at An episode of a prime-time drama is two hours long including commercials.

Each series is a finished story, unlike Western " cliffhanger " dramas, but rather like Hispanic telenovelas. A series will run for about three months. A channel will air three soap operas simultaneously at any given time each producing their own series.

Channels will compete for the most popular stars as they attract the most viewers. Some examples are Channel 35 and 7 as well to a lesser extent Channel 9. While the "best" series are shown at night right after the news, the ones with a smaller profiles and shorter run time will be shown in the evenings from β€” In some cases, the most popular prime-time series are shown on re-runs a couple of years after their initial release, generally in the afternoon.

A lakorn episode is normally 1 hour and a small amount or 30 minutes. When internationally broadcast, the running time is around 45 min. Thai soap operas have very distinctive, though formulaic, characters, and narrative conventions.

Though some stray from these conventions, most adhere to them, especially ones that are very popular among Thai viewers. Because Thai soap operas present a melodramatic story line featuring simple one-dimensional characterizations to capture the broadest viewership and commercial sponsorship, they generally do not foster critical insight, reasoning, or problem-solving skills, nor a multi-perspective consideration of the human drama being viewed.

They are simply an attempt to create dramatic tension and a "showdown" between the protagonist s and antagonist s. Several series adhere to this simple format which, over an extended period, may cause some viewers to develop a skewed view of reality.

At least one critic [10] contends that the recent [10] political problems in Thailand may be at least partially attributable to the negative influence of soap operas, surmising that it is the disregard of common sense and common human wisdom that causes people to shy away from thinking critically and, as a result, becoming prone to manipulation.

InThai Airways flight attendants urged the government to remove a prime-time TV drama Songkhram Nang Fah because it showed women flight attendants in short-skirted uniforms fighting over a male pilot.

They complained the soap opera portrayed their job in a negative light. Inat a seminar held by the Christian Council of Thailand, issues were raised involving Thai soap operas and the television rating system. The most notable issues were that Thai soap operas are broadcast early in the day and may including content unsuitable for children, such as graphic or violent sexual assault scenes.

In Thai soap operas, rape is often shown as a vehicle for revenge or a path to true love. Critics have called for producers to stop romanticizing the crime as it feeds into the country's culture of gender inequality.

A study by the Thai Health Promotion Foundation found that 80 percent of Thai soap operas depicted rape or sexual violence in Characters who commit sexual violence are rarely held to account and often win the heart of their victim.

Directors and producers are often reluctant to change because soap operas depicting sexual violence, nicknamed "slap and kiss", have consistently resulted in higher ratings.

The head of the Teeranat Kanjanauaksorn Foundation, a gender equality group, has suggested that the real number is probably 10 times official figures, as most rape cases never reach the legal system.

Most Thai soap operas portray the upper class of Thai society, usually through the male lead, but sometimes from both leads. The male lead is usually rich, like Phak in Dao pra sook. Early on, the male leads were nobilityusually junior princes, such as a Mom Chaobecause, back then, these were the rich people in Thai society. The rich male has since evolved into businessmen from influential families. This change mirrors the change in Thai society with the upper class now filled with business people and not so much from the royal and noble classes.

Most, if not all, Thai soap operas are based upon novels. Romance abounds in Thai literature scenes and most have the perfect boy-meets-girl scenario. The ever famous, Dao pra sookis also a novel while another 's Silamanee was clearly inspired by the novel of the same name.

Thai television soap operas have contributed to popularize the spirits and legends of the folklore of Thailand. Some soap operas, such as " Raeng Ngao ", include the popular ghosts in Thai culture interacting with the living, while others are based on traditional Thai legends and folk tales such as " Nang Sib Song ", " Kaki " and " Thep Sarm Rudoo ".

An actress who plays the lead female would assume the same role.The show follows the lives and relationships of a group of secondary school students as they go through school and home life and face various issues.

fin thailand drama wiki

Breaking the mould of Thai television, which typically features Thai soap operas and sitcomsHormones was conceived with a style more commonly found in the U. It also distinguished itself by featuring controversial issues such as teenage sex and pregnancyhomosexuality and school violence. The series was positively received and, despite not being shown on free-to-air terrestrial television and being criticized for its content, proved extremely popular, prompting the creation of a second season.

Directed by Kriangkrai Vachiratamporn, the second season began broadcasting in July The episodes of the final season were also released in the GTH's official channel with official English subtitles.

Selain Princess Hours, Ini 10 Drama Remake Thailand yang Keren

According to director Songyos SugmakananHormones was conceived partly as a channel for GTH to create acting opportunities for its teenage actors and partly as an experiment in creating a drama series that was non-typical for Thai television which usually features Thai soap operas and sitcoms. With a concept partly based on Songyos's film of the same name and inspired by the British series SkinsHormones seeks to explore and portray various aspects and issues of adolescent life.

These include topics normally considered taboo for open discussion in Thai society, such as teenage sex and school violence. In creating the script, Songyos and the writing team conducted online research on contemporary adolescent issues, but also learned from the experiences of the young cast members. He aimed to show the issues from a teenager's point of view and actively avoided any preaching, trying instead to have consequences of actions implied through the characters' experiences. Although originally planned for only one season, GTH announced towards the end of the first season that it would be producing a second one, responding to the show's popularity.

Songyos switched roles to become producer for the second season, with Kriangkrai Vachiratamporn, who had co-written the series, becoming director. GTH also launched a casting programme with an accompanying reality series titled Hormones: The Next Genin order to select additional actors to supplement the original main cast from the first season.

Hormones features an ensemble castwith nine main characters in the first season. The story mainly takes place at the fictional Nadao Bangkok College, where the characters attend upper-secondary school. All the main characters are followed throughout the season, with each episode focused on one or a few of the characters and the issues they experience. The main cast for the first and second seasons, in order of first-season billingare: [2]. Pachara, Ungsumalin, Sutatta and Sirachuch had already played major roles in GTH feature films prior to Hormoneswhile most of the others had experience in supporting roles in films or mini-series.

Sedthawut and Kemisara made their acting debut in Hormones. The second season takes place a year after the first. Supporting characters include teachers, family members, classmates and various others. Each season of Hormones consists of thirteen episodes, with one special each at the beginning and the end. The episodes are as follows. It occupied the slot on Saturday nights, and was also available to view online through GMM One's website, and for later episodes, YouTube live streaming.

Past episodes were also made available for free viewing on YouTube. Although the series began with some uncertainty regarding its profitability, it quickly proved extremely popular, despite not being broadcast on free-to-air terrestrial television.

Each episode had about a million viewers, and by the eighth episode, the channel's viewership ratings had risen from twentieth to third for the Saturday time slot, following only terrestrial channels 3 and 7. While teenagers make up most of the show's viewership, it has also received interest from their parents. The success prompted the production of a second season, which was announced shortly before the end of the first. The show also developed followings in Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Reception to the series was mostly positive. Hormones was widely mentioned by the press, who attributed its success to its production quality and its offering of new content lacking from usual television programming.

Controversial scenes included students attempting to have sex in a classroom, a female student visit an illegal abortion clinic after losing her virginity and female students fighting in a school toilet.

For him, avoiding such subjects basically was an example of "adults closing their eyes" to reality especially to the high abortion rate in Thailand. Ungsumalynn Sirapatsakmetha, who plays Khwan in the series, insisted that the series' aim was to provoke the audience to think and censorship was mainly to protect those who can't think for themselves. Broadcasting of the show's second season began in July Due to the internet and the new media, Hormones also received tremendous response from audiences outside Thailand like Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and China.

In China, Hormones has a huge base of fans that watch the fan-sub version of this series in various video streaming sites.Since I have no idea what happened to the other thread and can't find it anywhere, I'm opening the new one which I'll keep updated regularly.

Roop Thong. Thanks for this list! Though I will say that I don't consider bl a side story in Love Sick. Thanks a lot!

I recently rediscovered this genre and I like it so much For "the underwear" the BL part is almost nothing. We do have GL but on the BL part it's a bit disappointing. But somehow I hope Max will cut a little bit of muscles Sometimes during Together with me you were wondering if the guy was a student or a body builder coach If it wasn't for Tul being his counterpart, he probably would have crush his partner!

I would have said bl is a main part of together with me and only a side story in bad romance? Can I ask why you have it labeled differently? I'd love to talk to you about it to find out more. I'm not sure either. MDL v6 en. TV Shows. Feeds Lists Forums Contributors. Quick Reply. Ceki VIP Contributor. Nov 26, pm. My Boy. Calculate Love. Thonhon Chonlathee. Teddy Bear Miracle. My Imaginary Boyfriend. Try To Know Love. A Tale of Thousand Stars. Lost In Love.

Absolute Zero. Hemp Rope. Cupid vs Lawyer. Lovely Writer. YYY 2. My Single. My Engineer 2.It starred Nadech Kugimiya and Urassaya Sperbund. Saichon Nadech Kugimiya is an islander living on Min island. One day, destiny leads him to find Fahlada Urassaya Sperbunda 17 years old girl lying unconscious on the beach.

When she wakes up, he realizes that she lost all her memories. Saichon takes care of her and names her Nang Fah angel because he doesn't know her real name and she doesn't remember it. They fall in love with each other and live together.

One day, Chompooprae Natwara WongwasanaFahlada's adopted sister saw her sister's picture in the tourist magazine, so she sends people to take Fahlada back. Chompooprae needs Fahlada in order for her to succeed in her adopted family's business. Chompooprae hires Yasa and his men to bring Fahlada back even though she fights to stay with Saichon. Saichon gets shot and has to recover all by himself. Fahlada gets shock therapy treatment until she regains her memories, but she loses her memories about Saichon and everything during the time that she was missing on Min Island.

Chompooprae lies to her sister and doesn't tell her anything about Min island. When Saichon awakens, he is devastated to learn that his Nang Fah is gone. He decides to go to Bangkok to look for her. Many years later, Saichon comes back from America to take care of the airline company in Thailand.

He meets Chompooprae because she's the business partner he needs to work with. Chompooprae falls in love with him at first sight even though she is already engaged to P'Mor. So, she introduces him to her sister.

fin thailand drama wiki

Saichon is surprised and very glad when he meets Fahlada again. However, he is very hurt and angry because Fahlada doesn't remember him at all. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Categories : Thai television soap operas Thai television series debuts Thai television series endings s Thai television series Channel 3 Thailand television shows.The series concluded on 29 December Akeanan is a school not just well-known on education and sports but also of secrets.

The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Fah Ploy Sornarina student of the school, prompts her brother Traffic Korapat Kirdpan to come to Akeanan. Traffic later on gets invited by their school teacher to join the said group. Aside from finding out what on happened to Fah, " Blacklist " will also uncover the several deep dark secrets of Akeanan.

Below are the cast of the series: [3] [5]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Drama Action Romance. Retrieved 14 May Spring News. Retrieved 18 May News Plus. GMMTV television series. Room Alone Hidden categories: CS1 Thai-language sources th Use dmy dates from June Articles with short description Articles containing Thai-language text Articles with Thai-language sources th. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Add links. Worrawech Danuwong. GMM 25 Show Details.From rom-coms to documentaries, many titles made their way onto the world stage outside Thailand. The Gifted β€” 1 choice for top 10 best Thailand movies This is a movie that deserves to be one of the best romantic comedy Thai drama This series was so well written, funny, refreshing and will made you addicted enough to binge watching the entire episodes in one day.

The plot is smart, refreshing and stylish. The tensions and characters are slowly and progressively built, teasing the audience and making you keep watching. If you like highschool and super power themes, you will enjoy this, give it a try!

This is one of the best Thai romance drama ever made. This drama is a story about a princess of a small country, comes into danger after her coronation.

To protect her they send her to Thailand, where the main hero β€” a navy man- becomes her bodyguard. The songs will make you cry along with the acting, action scenes are also very well directed and performed, cinematography is very good. We highly recommend this drama β€” you will never regret it. This is the best Thai drama for every Thailand drama lovers.

fin thailand drama wiki

On her way to sign a business contract, Rattawan was kidnapped along with her son by two men who took her to an island and tried to rape and kill her. However, she was saved by the owner of the island, Naboon.

Push puttichai πŸ’žnew drama πŸ’–2020 😍 love triangle

Both did not trust one another during her stay there but walls came down when Rattawan decides to tell Naboon her true identity. Feelings starts to develop between Naboon and Rattawan but they must restrain themselves because afterall, Rattawan is still married. What happens when Rattawan comes face to face with her husband back in Bangkok who she believes tried to kill her? Watch it right now to discover the truth. If you are just starting to enjoy Korean movies, then this is the best Thai drama to start with.

Awassaya is a sassy celebrity who is trying to reveal his true colors because of a misunderstanding. This movie has mindblowing acting of actors. There emotion delivery on time was absolutely blasting. When Patsakorn was very young, his father died. He was raised by a rich family who adopted him ever since. But on the opening day there was an explosion and as a result, his adoptive parents died.

Patsakorn blames himself for their deaths and falls into depression. She loves and respects him ever since she was a child but he only sees her as sister, and he has a lover already. Time-travelling dramas are not new, even amongst lakorns, but that this show is a bit more inspired because it certainly knows how to make use of this premise and give us a lovely light-hearted walk through 17th-century Ayutthaya without making either the history-bits or the political-bits too heavy and overwhelming.

The main character is Kadesurang β€” a year-old chubby archaeologist.

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